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  • Water color on 140 lb paper. 11x15         Cat No. 000-112-00 Day at the clinic was a big day in the country. Clinic would be opened one or two days a week and then sometimes a couple weeks in the month, so it was a big event to be seen by the nurse, the doctor was very rarely on the scene. Because the country was mostly mostly mountainous, 90% of the buildings were located on one hillside or the other. So there was brisk commerce on that day, being attended by various vendors such as the cane, peanut and fruit man or woman.
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    Old House # 12

    Original price was: $650.00.Current price is: $450.00.
    This house which no longer exist was the symbol of family wealth and social status in its days, It was also characteristics of the traditional construction of an older colonial Jamaica. It was a loved heirloom in the community as was it the hearts and minds of family members. This work is sold mounted behind glass, matted and framed which is included in the price quoted. Shipping is extra
  • Washed from the Senegal wave we arrive, tattered and torn some survive, washed from the land we belong, to the sea and the sand and the song.

  • The Upstairs

    Oil on canvas 12 x 15.       Cat. No 00-111-88.  Series 00000 This painting was one of the first in the old house series and the only piece done in oils. It was painted in the formative years of the artist life. This particular house was repeatedly painted over the years. The house was located on 5 lower Ivy road in Kingston 5, Jamaica. The house was very typical to the level of craftsmanship and detail that marked the turn of the century. Sadly these homes are a vanishing legacy as more and more are being demolished making room for more lifeless modern structures. The old house series grew into one of the artist most prolific subject matter and it fell perfectly in line with the artist main interest of the time which was Architecture.
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    Acrylic on Hardboard – 12″x12″

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    Watercolor – Before the City Storm – 16×20 image size

    Original price was: $450.00.Current price is: $375.00.
    Water color painting by Maho Shing , Landscape 16 x 20 image, Framed 20 x 24
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