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AckeArt is a virtual community space where artists, collectors and patrons meet. The vision is to provide a forum where we can connect in a more expansive way, with honest discussions and meaningful conversations using the tools of technology. The end result being one of a broad based experience of education, information and interpersonal connections.

Yes we are the first ones to admit we don’t necessarily have all the answers to the questions and issues that will arise. No need pressure, or need to be perfectly correct in anything. Sometimes the value gain from and interaction could simple be a friendship, a bout of plain laughter or just plain fun. It is hoped that as we engage and connect with each other, we do so in the atmosphere of good intention with whatever is said or done.

It is our hope that others will be inspired to join this community of artists and art lovers in helping to define and create new experiences and new ways of manifesting the new world most of us aspire towards in thoughts and actions. For now our focus will be community, but no business can run without finances, resources and fresh ideas and this is where you come in. We are counting on you to join, participate and stay connected with this virtual space. Your energy and interest will go a far way in creating the community we all want to see. We welcome people from all walks of life the world over to be a part of this conglomerate of creators.

AckeArt SHOP


Finally we have The AckeArt shop where you can purchase your favorite artist’s work. Enter the shop where you are invited to acquire your original art or high quality giclee reproductions. Remember these pieces are not guaranteed to be there if you wait as the artist may choose to remove his or her piece at anytime.

Artists' Benefits

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For the artists we offer exposure opportunities, assistance with portfolio presentation and representation of their works to a buying public. We assist with framing for art shows and general mounting requirements for call to art submissions. Please contact us for more information.

Collectors' Benefits

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For the collectors or (would be collectors) we offer assistance in targeting artists for your personal and corporate collections. We offer cost effective solutions for framing and hanging your pieces all in one stop. We are here to help you bring it all together. If you have questions please contact us.

Discover yourself in the things you love

Sometimes it’s challenging to find just the right piece of artwork to make that special statement. It helps however to bring clarity to the search making the process easier.

Not every problem in collecting art is finding the right image or color to match the sofa. Sometimes it’s a memory, a feeling or even a dream you’d like to call into existence. For most seasoned art collector acquiring a piece of art goes more than their likes, it extends to following the life of a particular artists, which for the most part can be quite interesting.

This is the premise here for Ackeart, We are making the assumption that your art collection speaks to more than potentially faded sofas and worn out floors (as far as it relates to art for decoration).

We believe that investing in the art experience is way more valuable in the long run and we are happy to take such a journey with you. Taking you behind the scene of the creative process and helping to dissect the many layers of what makes art valuable in the various ways it is. We welcome your curiosity as well as your patronage.

Artist of the Month

Our artist of the month features an individual or an event. We choose to be flexible with this category so as to make room for possibilities and to serve best the interest of our subscribers.


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