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AckeArt is the space where artists, collectors and patrons of the art come to interact and have some fun. We are a virtual space with a little bit of something for each interest group. Our mandate is to provide the tools to create the things of value we seek. In this cases this “value” art and the ideas coming from their work. Whether this is purely decorative or ideas for contemplation. Ultimately it is selection of just the right artwork to embellish our homes and environment. In other cases it’s the selection of artwork as investments  that will appreciate in value over the years.

AckeArt will offer a generous discussions on the state of the home grown art, movement and trends. This discussion and insight takes us into the lives of the artist themselves and the ideas and experiences that subsequently provide motivation and inspiration of their work.

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Finally we have The AckeArt shop where you can purchase your favorite artist’s work. Enter the shop where you are invited to acquire your original art or high quality giclee reproductions. Remember these pieces are not guaranteed to be there if you wait as the artist may choose to remove his or her piece at anytime.

Artists' Benefits

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For the artists we offer exposure opportunities, assistance with portfolio presentation and representation of their works to a buying public. We assist with framing for art shows and general mounting requirements for call to art submissions. Please contact us for more information.

Collectors' Benefits

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For the collectors or (would be collectors) we offer assistance in targeting artists for your personal and corporate collections. We offer cost effective solutions for framing and hanging your pieces all in one stop. We are here to help you bring it all together. If you have questions please contact us.

Find Art You Love

Sometimes it’s difficult to find just the right piece of artwork, sometimes it’s not. It helps however to bring clarity to the search making the process easier.

The question will most likely be what and why. Most likely the answer will rest on the issue of the emotions, how does it makes me feel. There are times when spontaneous happiness is the answer, like a beautiful day, or a flower, then others when a past nostalgic memory is more important. The bottom line is, sometimes it help to understand your own processes and others when it simply doesn’t.

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Artist of the Month

Our artist of the month features an individual or an event. We choose to be flexible with this category so as to make room for possibilities and to serve best the interest of our subscribers.

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