Trends come and go and sometime we tend to get forget the old adage what is old become new again. Though this adage might seems appropriately dated, it certainly might find some relevance here. 

We all know art is about conditioned feeling and appearance and at the heart of this is how things are presented. The packaging of a product speaks a lot about its value, be it real or not, just you ask the experts at apple and some other major brands. Appearance is everything, so says the gurus of value and perception. Package the product right and you are off to a great start on the marketing side of the equation.  

We at AckeArt see great value in packaging our products and in this case its all about the presentation of the work, which invariable includes framing. We place a very high value on framing and presentation, this is the reason we have an in-house framing division. We offer market rate framing and as well as support services to our collectors in hanging and placing pieces in their home. For our artists doing exhibits we offer great deals on select moldings that will bring out the best in their work in the most subtle and impactful way.

The incentives are really good for becoming a “founder subscribing member”. Take advantage of one of our great packages which is being run for a limited time as we launch our products. Please give us a call for more information.