Yes believe it or not we are in the year 2023! For the younger ones this may seem like just another year, which it is, yet for the older folks this is a major milestone when considering the excitement and drama evoked by Y2K which saw the possible crashing of the entire technological world as the great fear was that the computers would not read the date beyond the year 2000. Or do you remember the year 2012, in which the material world was supposed to end, based on the Mayan calendar? Yes for sure we got through all that!

Welcome to the current year. 2023 is opening up with specters of world war 3 at our heals beset with one looming global crisis after another, notable rising sea level, global climate change due to man’s activity and or natural cyclical earth changes. What will it be, an environmental collapse or human implosion? Will it be the exhaustion of fossil fuel, the collapse of the global economic system, the annihilation of the planet or is it another pandemic threatening to wipe out the human species? Who knows?

Irrespective of what is about to happen, be it imaginary or real, we must still press on with the business of living nonetheless. We must make all our best effort to keep going, and even strive, despite our challenges. We at ackeArt will be striving, doing, creating, promoting all in line with the spirit, and energy of a positive mindset moving forward. Clearly being in a state of fear serves no one but the promoter of fear. 

We will be rolling out the AckeArt website with offers and promotions that will tantalize the most discerning of collectors and artist alike. We are counting on your participation and feedback to help us move the arc of perception to the next level in the grand scheme of things.

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