This has long been in the making, the launching of AckeArt website. We have finally decided to release it into the world. It is true, perfection can be hazardous to progress, and we have the proof. We are excited to open this creative portal to the world and with it the opportunity for expansion.


This enterprise obviously is a work in progress and yes it will take a while to get everything tweaked and operating the way it was intended. We have decided it is time to let it go. The first order of business is to get the news in the right hands, to collect our resources and to set the stage for the connections.

We would like to mention our artists and what they are currently working on and where they are currently showing their work. This will be an on going feature in every news letter, or story sharing we do. We will start with Maho Shing, he currently has two pieces on show at Credo Cafe and “Bitters & bottle” in Orlando. The next lineup is at West Orange Heritage Center in Oakland Florida. This will be the second year of showing his work in commemoration of Black History month.

Where appropriate we would also like to share poems, music, musings and other creative endeavours of our artist community both near and far. Thank you in advance for being a part of this.