We are very happy to finally be launching our AckeArt website with our goal to be a link between you and the creative process. This is a. culmination of ideas coming from years of preparation, planning and final implementation. It takes time for thoughts to simmer, dreams to be vetted and things to finally materialize into a good thing. The process requires many hours of listening, researching, paying attention and good council. This is the inevitable journey that makes AckeArt a reality.

We will be looking for content creators, writers, poets, critics to be a part of our community. We are creating the space to highlight talents as well as give opportunities to profile your talents and skills, as we stated, this is a community of creators.  I am thankful for those who provided encouragement and support during this arduous process of birth.  In this regard I would especially like to give a gracious acknowledgement to Carol of Barefoot-Creations and to Dani from Quiltedladibug, who assisted with much of the photos while providing good measures of moral support.

AckeArt plans to move towards implementing options for NFT’s and bitcoin transactions as the technology and opportunity becomes available within our schedule agenda.

The growing digital trend has created room for virtual interactions, but this does not mean human contact will go the way of the past. Quite to the contrary. If there is any field where human contact should be promoted it’ is in the field of the arts. So the brick and mortar gallery scene is not dead, just transformed a bit. AckeArt looks forward to this dynamic evolution and hopes to be front and center as this relationship unfolds.

AckeArt is ready for this ride, come join our community!